My Current Unworking Setup for the Store.

So I was just thinking around bouncing a few ideas and I started to come up with an idea for the store, but the problem is that I am not the best Scripter and not all of my scripts work.. So what I was thinking is I have 3 GameObjects in the Store. They each […]

FPS inGame store

This is the setup for my FPS Shooter Game object: This script is attached to the weapons gameObject in the Shooter: This is the script for my ScoreSystem (Coins that I want to use to buy new weapons):   This is the Script for My Coins (I dont see why you would need it, but […]

The Bullet in Inspector

The Bullet in Inspector

The Box Collider

The Box Collider

The Ship in the Heiarchy The Box is selected

The Ship in the Heiarchy The Box is selected

tree problem.

BEFORE(FAR AWAY) AFTER(CLOSER UP)                   (all those trees and poles in the distance just popped up suddenly. i didnt put them there. I put gummy bears.)

Hello world!

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