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My Current Unworking Setup for the Store.

So I was just thinking around bouncing a few ideas and I started to come up with an idea for the store, but the problem is that I am not the best Scripter and not all of my scripts work..

So what I was thinking is I have 3 GameObjects in the Store. They each have a certain cost. When I click them, I am trying to access my ScoreSystem.myscore to reduce the value, and at the same time Instantiate that Object at the current position. So this is the script I used for one of the weapons, although it doesnt work and I dont know why:Image


Each weapon has a DontDestroyOnLoad script attached to it, so once it is loaded on this level, I want it to stay throughout all the levels. This is the sscript for that:



My Character named ASHOOTER has this script attached to it to automatically parent the  Weapon to itself. This is one example:




My character named ASHOOTER: I want it to have a script that calls the weapon (By its name) to its own position and rotation (and have variables to relatively edit that too). I can’t figure out how to script this…


and I think that is basically how I want it to work.. Let me know if I left out something. The other scripts are in my previous post such as ScoreSystem and Script for Coin Etc…. So fill in the holes?


THis is the layout as much as I can show:








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